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Sherrie Crandal

Service Offered

  • IEP Preparation

  • Academic Online Tutoring, elementary school

  • Family-centered Consultation (services access and availability)

  • Individual Assessment

  • Student Observation

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Academic Tutoring services are conducted online and are available to elementary school students in reading, writing, math and other content areas.

Sherrie will support differentiation of instruction, provide assessment options for progress, and monitor assessments with respect to performance, authentic assessments and portfolio assessments.

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Based on availability, Sherrie will observe learning environments and make behavioral observations. Services also include identifying triggers and function of behavior, addressing current behavior, and helping to develop behavior plans.

Individual Assessment services include:

  • Academic testing recommended interventions and curriculum selection for homeschooling

  • Providing parent support with respect to understanding: general education teacher conference notes, assessment and diagnostic notes, IEP results, and accommodations (instructional, material and environmental).

Contact Sherrie:

Tel: 480-529-5802

About Sherrie Crandal

Sherrie has been a Special Education professional since 2007. Her master’s degree is in Cross Category Education, and she has taught special education in classrooms and online to preschool and elementary students for Scottsdale Unified, Maricopa Unified and Creighton school districts.

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